The Busy Old Ranch

a Book by Katelyn Toney

A delightful, rhyming, numerical story with engaging illustrations that flaunt the real, exciting, and beautiful life of raising cattle on the prairies. Children will beg for the story over and over again and adults won’t mind reading it.

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On A Busy Old Ranch Book Cover, by Katelyn Toney

On The Busy Old Ranch covers it all - and does it with broad poetic strokes. There is no silly urban view of ranch life, this is probably as close to reality as one can get in a kid's book, and still be having fun with it.

-Cowboy Country Magazine

A treat for the whole family

A delightful rhyming story your kid will want to read again and again with engaging illustrations - but one that won't put you to sleep as the adult.

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Author Katelyn Toney

Katie's Story

Katelyn Toney is a writer from SW Saskatchewan. She farms and ranches with her husband and four rambunctious children. Katelyn has been an enthusiastic reader all her life. She loves reading to her kids and helping them fall in love with stories. She wanted to see more children’s books that showcase the beauty of rural life on the prairies. Her first book, On the Busy Old Ranch, is perfect for rural kids who want to read a story familiar with their way of life, as well as kids who would like to learn about life on a ranch.

Katelyn loves being creative and is a photographer when she isn’t busy with kids, cows, or crops. She loves bonfires, making delicious soup, hiking, and spending time with the people she loves. She always has at least two books on the go, and a large stack to be read beside her bed.

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Fun Fact: I once vacuumed a bead out of my kids nose rather than driving 60 miles to the hospital.

On the busy old ranch
As bedtime starts to come
Snuggle two little cowkids
And their tired mama one
"Read," beg the cowkids
"I'll read", says the mom
So they read about the ranch
As bedtime starts to come.

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